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Terms and Conditions - Last Revised June 14, 2008

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The New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival("Event Sponsor") has engaged Eclipse Ticketing to provide ticketing fulfillment service through the use of Eclipse's proprietary web site. As such Eclipse takes orders for tickets, processes payments for these tickets and provides accessible information for At Gate Delivery and/or uses the United States Postal Service or similar delivery services to deliver tickets to the appropriate shipping address.

Ticket Purchase confirmations are available by printing the Confirmation Page and an email providing confirmation of the ticket purchase and method of delivery is also sent to the Buyer.

Tickets purchased through this site are NON-REFUNDABLE and may NOT BE EXCHANGED except in the case of postponement or cancellation of the Event. In this case of cancellation of the event all REFUND claims shall be made either to the Event Sponsor or to refunds@eclipseticketing.com.

Refunds are limited to the FACE AMOUNT of the Ticket. Service fees and delivery charges are not normally refundable. Refunds of these charges may be made at the option of the EVENT SPONSOR or ECLIPSE. For additional questions regarding the eligibility of refunds please contact info@nhscot.org.

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Please review the rules and conditions that regulate the use of the Eclipse Ticketing On Line Box Office.

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